By Bob Jensen

I’ve fished from a lot of different boats over the years: tiller and dual console boats, deep-V and flat-bottom boats, big boats and canoes, and fiberglass and aluminum boats. Almost all of the boats I’ve fished from have had some benefits, but after fishing from fiberglass for the past dozen years or so, I can say that the advantages beat out the rest.

Ride: The Larson FX Series boats provide such a dry, smooth ride. I can get to more fishing holes because my FX handles rough water better, and I don’t have to shy away from those pursuits when conditions aren’t ideal.

Boat control: FX’s exact, computer-designed keels and strakes allow you to better control and backtrolling so you can stay on the fish.

Finish: Aluminum hulls have sharp seams that are drilled, riveted and welded—all potential stress points for leakage. FX boats are polished perfection.

Appearance: Don’t get me wrong, I know that fish don’t care what your boat looks like, but I really like the appearance of fiberglass boats. If I’m going to buy something highly functional, I’d prefer it look nice, too.

We live in a time where we have many good choices in a boat. I’ve been fortunate enough to have owned a variety of styles over the years, and most of them have been outstanding for that era. But in today’s world, when it comes to materials for boat construction, fiberglass is the choice for me, and for many of the industry’s best anglers.